Educational Programs:

Educational programs are conducted with the cooperation of the Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center and the City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department. FoGG provides financial assistance and many FoGG members actively volunteer to assist.

School Field Trips:

Meet the Park

Our park is a wondrous crossroads of plants and animals from different ecosystems. Students begin indoor with hands-on activities then a small group guided adventure through the Central Garden.

Geology of the Park

Students learn about rock types, geological processes and the amazing layers of rock displayed in the park. The program begins indoors with interactive activities that enhance the small group guided adventure through the rocks of the Central Garden.

Explore the Park

This is a broad-topic guided adventure. Students receive a less structured, more in-depth outdoor experience covering park history, ecology and geology. The program is all outdoors, maximizing student exposure to the park. Students visit areas of the Central Garden not seen in other field trips

Educators may call 219-0108 and schedule a morning or afternoon visit for Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. This program is presented September through May by Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services staff and volunteers. Cost per student is only $2.  Title I schools may qualify for assistance. Maximum group size is 60.

Community Programs:

Junior Ranger:

Begin your child’s adventure filled day at Garden of the Gods Park with the Junior Ranger Program. Check at the Visitor and Nature Center information desk upon arrival to see how you can make learning fun as well as memorable. If your child is 7-12 years of age and has an interest in all things outdoors, this will be a highlight of his or her visit to the Pikes Peak region. In 1 ½ – 2 hours, you can see your child recognized as having completed this Program and leave with not only a Junior Ranger badge and certificate, but also the feeling of time well spent and memories made! This minimal cost ($3.00) program is partially funded by Friends of Garden of the Gods.

Step On Guides:

Tour groups can reserve the volunteer services of a step-on guide to join them on their private coach to enhance their tour of the Park.

Guided Nature Walks:

Volunteers have the opportunity to conduct Nature Walks in the Garden of the Gods. Regularly scheduled walks are at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm daily and generally last from thirty to forty-five minutes. Additional walks can be at any other hour depending on the season and availability of volunteers. Although the content of the walks can be suited to each volunteer’s interests, they generally contain information on geology, animal and plant life, ecology and history. The many educational opportunities provided by the Parks Staff are excellent preparation for doing a nature walk. Contact the Parks Department Lead Interpreter if you are interested in conducting a Nature Walk.

Nature Presentations:

Free nature presentations are presented daily at the Visitor & Nature Center. See Calendar tab for current listings and dates. Time and topics vary. Call 219-0111 for current information.

Touch Tables:

Volunteers allow visitors to get up close and personal with our touch tables of animal skins or geology items in the Visitor and Nature Center. Learn about the animals that frequent the Garden and learn unique facts about the Geology in the Park.

Special Events:

Earth Day:

We celebrate and honor Mother Earth on the 3rd Saturday of April. Volunteers clean up the Garden and visitors get up close and personal with falcons and wolves. The Sweet Water Plains Indian Dancers are regular performers.

Big Horn Sheep Day:

`Children’ of all ages use spotting scopes and binoculars to observe the Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep in the Park. Wildlife biologists share information about our local herds and teach visitors how to use radio-tracking collars. Join us in February to celebrate these magnificent animals!