Volunteers have regularly scheduled opportunities to participate in training events and educational tours. Below is a sample of recent programs provided for Volunteers.

Tour of Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site (with Michele McMurray, GoG Volunteer)
Meet at the Main Entrance to Rock Ledge Ranch for an introduction to the site. Then enjoy free admission to walk through the various interpretive sites at your own pace. Each site represents a different period of our local history spanning several centuries.

Guided Nature Walk Training (with Wesley Hermann, GoG Park Interpreter)
Meet at the North Main Parking lot’s Central Garden Trailhead. Learn how to effectively present your guided walk to a diverse audience, and how to make a Nature Walk of your own! We will walk along the Perkins Central Garden Trail, looking at key features and points of interest.

Geology of the Garden of the Gods Walk (with Jay Temple, Geologist)
Meet in the Red Rocks Room inside the Visitor and Nature Center for a short intro. then out to the Central Garden trail-head for a guided walk to see and learn about the unique geology of the Garden of the Gods.

Step-On Guide Training (with Jane Gasko, GoG Volunteer) – Max of 14
Meet at the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center. Step-On-Guides join visiting groups on their tour buses to provide a guided tour through the Park. This is a fun way to share the Park with visitors from around the world!