FOGG Visit to Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument Monday, Sept 16, 10 am to 1:30 pm

Have you had days when you felt older than a fossil? Join fellow FOGG members for an exploratory trip to the Fossil Beds and prove to yourself that you are not really a fossil. We will be seeing fossils that are 34 million years old including massive redwood tree stumps.


Meet at the Fossil Beds Visitor Center (approx. 1 hr. drive) at 10:00 am. We’ll tour the visitor center, watch a movie, meet with a park ranger and take a hike. Be sure to bring a picnic lunch that we can enjoy later while looking out over the Florissant valley. We hope to also meet with a representative of the Friends of the Fossil Beds group and learn how they contribute to the park.  If you have a Senior National Parks Pass bring that with you.  You, plus 3 others friends in our group, will get in free. If we have enough passes to share then everyone will get in free. Otherwise the entrance fee is $10.  No sign up required, just come join us and be ready to explore.  Questions? Call Marilyn at 719-434-8205.

 FOGG and Fossil Brewing Tapping Party at 6pm, Thursday, Sept 19

Fossil Brewing has become a FOGG partner and is brewing a special beer in honor of FOGG and Garden of the Gods.  The beer will be called Perkins’ Prickly Pear Sour and will be served at the tapping party, Thursday, Sept 19.  One dollar from every beer sold will go to FOGG.  The tapping party will be held at Fossil Craft Beer Company located at 2845 Ore Mill Road #1, Colorado Springs, CO 80904, behind Rudy’s BBQ near the corner of Highway 24 and 31st. It is easiest to get there by taking southbound 31st St – Ore Mill Rd is the first left after highway 24 and Rudy’s.  Soft drinks will be available for children and those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages.  There is no fee for this event and no registration is required.  All members and their guests are welcome.