What We Do

Garden of the Gods is consistently rated one of the top 2 or 3 city parks in the Nation.  Maintaining this magnificent resource in our midst takes a special dedication.  Friends of Garden of the Gods is committed to preserving, restoring and protecting Garden of the Gods with programs and activities in a number of different areas:

  • Enhancing the experience of visitors with guided nature walks and special events throughout the year
  • Providing educational programs for school children on the cultural and natural history of the park, our city and the Pikes Peak region
  • Conducting special events for families such as the annual bird count and Big Horn Sheep day
  • Funding, organizing and leading field trips for over 4,000 school children, including free tuition and transportation for under-served students
  • Advocating at city council meetings for infrastructure improvements, increased security and long-term planning to accommodate the growing number of visitors
  • Working closely with sister organizations, such as the Rocky Mountain Field Institute, Coalition for Trails and Open Spaces and others on trail restoration, re-vegetation, flood mitigation, and park clean-up
  • Funding ($77,000 in the last 4 years) for restoration, re-vegetation and cleanup activities
  •  Funding for the Junior Ranger Program that encourages every child to become a steward of our city’s national treasure

Why We Are Great

Two million people visit the Garden of the Gods every year. Is it any wonder that the Park needs help?  Our members have a special love for the park and its place in our community.   Membership in FOGG enables our members to connect with the park and all it represents in a very intimate way  Everyday throughout the year, our volunteers are in the Park offering free nature hikes, staffing the information kiosk, and greeting visitors from this city and all over the world with one goal:  make every visit to Garden of the Gods a special experience. FOGG members are totally focused on preserving and restoring the Garden of the Gods and educating others about its irreplaceable natural features. Since the 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire, we have contributed $77,000 for trail reclamation and flood mitigation in the Park. We provide year-round opportunities for children to learn more about the Garden through our educational school programs.   FOGG sponsored special events such as Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Festival, Earth Day Celebration, Fossil Day, the Winter Moonlight Hike and many others occur year-round and are open to the public. As the Garden of the Gods master plan notes… “We actively volunteer because it is the responsibility of today’s citizens to preserve the distinctive natural and cultural features of our locally treasured, nationally significant and internationally known Garden of the Gods Park.”

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